The Stanwix Garden Pathway – Buy an Inscribed Brick for Posterity!
Thurles Lions Club has launched a unique fundraising initiative with the aim of raising funds that will assist in financing the major renovation works that…

Thurles Lions Club has launched a unique fundraising initiative with the aim of raising funds that will assist in financing the major renovation works that are currently underway on The Stanwix Home in Thurles. The Lions Club are asking people to support their initiative by purchasing a brick which can be inscribed with a name (or that of a loved one; a club; or organisation) or quotation, and placed in the gardens of the Stanwix Village. The cost of the inscribed brick is €100 and can be purchased on-line at or from any member of Thurles Lions Club. Anne O’Dwyer of the Lions Club highlighted that the purchase of an inscribed brick would make a perfect Christmas gift to a person’s child or grandchild who could then visit the complex regularly over their lifetime, literally “to see their name in stone” on the footpath.

Since 1889 The Stanwix Home, known lovingly to generations of locals as “The Widow’s Home”, has been providing sheltered and independent accommodation to elderly ladies from Thurles and surrounding parishes. A brief history of The Stanwix Home, it’s benefactor Ms. Emma Slaughter-Stanwix, and The Stanwix Trust who were charged by Ms. Stanwix in her will with delivering on her vision is available to read on

The Stanwix Village complex is an initiative of Thurles Lions Trust Housing Association. Their spokesman John McCormack said that “major renovation and construction works were commenced in April. The cost will be approx €4 million, and while the contract will see the delivery of a total of 19 units of accommodation for elderly and persons with disabilities by August next, it will also see the refurbishment of the front two-storey house to provide a multi-use Community Centre”.

Sinead Ni Riain of Thurles Lions Club said that the money raised will be used to fund the shortfall of €150,000 required in the overall cost of the necessary renovation works to this house. This facility will provide a permanent base for “The Blue Door”, a Lions Club project, which offers a free and completely confidential listening service for adults who are under pressure and troubled. Sinead added “There are times when we all need such support and the ethos of The Blue Door is all-inclusive, confidential, friendly, warm, and secure offering an overall sense of wellbeing”.

Thurles Lions Club are seeking support for this project which will not only secure the Stanwix Legacy for the next 100 years but will put in place an essential service to support adults in a time of need. For all further information and to purchase an inscribed paving brick please visit or contact any member of Thurles Lions Club.

Thurles Lions Trust Housing Association is currently also working very closely with Roscrea Lions Club in the delivery of two homes for elderly/disabled persons in Roscrea. Having already provided one unit of accommodation in Roscrea the current initiative will see a vacant town centre property transformed at a location that is an ideal living environment for elderly or disabled persons.

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